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Walk Worthy: Walk in Love

Love is a word used in our culture in a very loose way.  It can mean many different things as we use it and hear others use it.  Love is something that tends to be about the person speaking.  In other words, if someone says  ‘I love you’ to someone it too often is just a means to an end.

Love  seems to be the one thing all humanity desires and needs.  From conception to maturity (physical, emotional & spiritual) mankind experiences connections with other people starting with their mother.  It is designed by the Creator to be this way, because He has made us to live in community with others starting with our own parents.  The love of parents is such an important thing in the development of all people.

The context of the life of a disciple of Jesus is love.  God’s love is not self-centered, but it is for the benefit of others!  For a believer in Jesus, we are loved by God as his ‘dearly loved children’.  No matter who you are or what you think about yourself, once you are born into the family of God you are loved by Him!

In Christ,

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